Peridot is a variety of mineral olivine and because of its olive green color, it stands apart from other gemstones. Peridot’s chemical composition includes iron and magnesium out of which iron is majorly responsible for its yellowish-green color. The blissful color of this gemstone makes it a perfect choice for jewels for both men and women. Peridot is a birthstone for the month of August and wearing your birthstone may bring positivity into your life. So if you want to buy peridot jewelry for yourself, you can find many options such as rings, pendants, bracelets, etc. But, if you rely only on the artist inside you, then you should probably customize your peridot jewelry. Here is the step-by-step guide which will help you to customize your peridot jewelry.

Choose A Gemstone:

Choosing the right gemstone is the first step in customizing your peridot jewelry. You should evaluate the gemstone on many parameters, such as its origin, process of mining, clarity, uniformity of color, etc. Other than this, two factors play an important role in the overall appearance of your customized peridot jewelry which  are:


You should mindfully choose the size of the gemstone for your ring. It should not be too big to overlap the design on the shank or other attributes of the jewel. It should also not be too small to justify its room in the overall appearance of the jewelry piece.


marquise cut peridot gemstone

Gemstone cut has the lion’s share in the overall appearance of any jewel. With the involvement of technology in the gemstone industry these days, you get an option to choose from many gemstone cuts. Here are some tips for selecting the gemstone cut. For a woman’s ring, princess cut, marquise cut, or oval cut goes perfectly well, while if you are looking for a men’s peridot ring for sale, you should choose a square emerald or round cut gemstone.

Choose A Metal Type

After choosing a peridot gemstone online, select a metal that suits your skin and matches the gemstone color. Although the color of the peridot gemstone goes perfectly well with all the metals, it is better to try out all the combinations before settling for one.

Choose A Gemstone Setting

There are many ways to set a gemstone in a ring - prong setting, side stone setting, and bezel setting are some of the most popular gemstone settings. Again it depends on the jewel you are choosing. A bezel setting is best for oval and round-shaped rings and pendants. On the other hand, a prong setting goes perfectly well with jewels having pear or emerald-cut gemstones.

Final Preview

peridot ring for sale

Once you are done exercising your creativity and ready to buy peridot jewelry, you will have a final preview of your jewelry piece. Some online jewelry-selling portals allow you to virtually preview the jewel on your finger or neckline but since it’s a virtual product you can always change its configuration. You can still play with the design of your jewelry piece for the best outcome.

Get It On The Best Price

After reaching the jewel of your dreams, you should find the best offer on it. Wait for the peridot jewelry sale. Maybe you can get your dream jewel at a dream price.

 This is how you can customize a peridot jewel for yourself. So do not wait and let your fashion sense speak the language of your creativity and surprise everyone with a jewelry piece they have never seen before.